The Unbeatable Four !  New Generation Magnetic Drilling Machines
Heavy Duty 4-speed
MT4 Magnetic Drill
For Hole Dia.:Upto 110mm
For Plate Thickness:Upto 76mm(3*)
A Workhouse 4-speed
MT3 arbor Drilling Machine
For Hole Dia.:Upto 76mm (3*)
For Plate Thickness:Upto 76mm(3*)
A Powerful, 2-speed, MT2 Arbor
Magnetic base Drilling Machine
For Hole Dia.:Upto 50mm (2*)
For Plate Thickness:Upto 50mm (2*)
The unmatched-light weigh &
Compact Portable Magnetic Drill
Maintenance free dual rail system
For Hole Dia.:Upto 35mm
For Plate Thickness:Upto 50mm (2*)

BROACHCUTTER® is promoted by Pioneer Intertrade (P) Ltd., a 31 years old established company in India offering a wide range of Industrial machines and Products to Industry and Projects with a focus on Metal working for fabrication and production activities involving Plates, Pipes and Structural steel sections. BROACHCUTTER® offers the advantage of availability of the machine and Cutters from the same source. Using a BROACHCUTTER® machine gives a life of upto 40% more than competition due to it's unique Integrated Gearbox Housing & slide design resulting in no vibration and play in the machine. A stock of thousands of cutters assures immediate availability.

BROACHCUTTER® HSS Annular Cutters are made of Cobalt-free Super-Hard Aluminum blended High Speed Steel to improve retention of sharpness of cutting edges over a large number of drilling operations. Suitable for low alloy and carbon steel plates and structures.

BROACHCUTTER® TCT Cutters are made of high grade Tungsten Carbide Tips and quality brazing makes them strong to withstand the cutting load of drilling at high speeds in tough materials.

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