Boiler Panel Cutting Saws  
FABMAX Pipe Fabrication Machines Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by Pioneer Intertrade (P) Ltd., a 31 years old established company in India, we offer a wide range of Industrial machines and Products to Industry and Projects with a focus on Metal working for fabrication and production activities involving Plates, Pipes and Structural steel sections.

CUTMASTER - Universal Air Powered Saws

The Widest selection of Saws and accessories for
  • Cutting Boiler Tube Panel and removing membrane
  • Cutting Pendant Tube
  • Working around clusters of large pipe
  • Cutting big tanks

Key Features
  • Provides accurate cuts with no "HAZ" heat affected zone
  • Eliminates rework and grinding before end prepping
  • Can be fitted with 10" and 12", or optional 14" blades
  • Safety relief valve prevents running at excessive speeds
  • Cuts tough materials with a high percentage of chrome
  • Ergonomic design has optimum balance of speed and torque
  • Glides effortlessly on easy to install Track
  • Works with track for cutting pipe up to 60" O.D.
  • Powerful 3 HP pneumatic motor operates on 90 psi shop air and uses only 80 CFM

The CUTMASTER Air Powered Saw glides along the Track System for boiler tube panel removal, producing a straight, clean horizontal cut that requires no further rework.


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