Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines

FABMAX Pipe Fabrication Machines Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by Pioneer Intertrade (P) Ltd., a 31 years old established company in India, we offer a wide range of Industrial machines and Products to Industry and Projects with a focus on Metal working for fabrication and production activities involving Plates, Pipes and Structural steel sections.

Under the FABMAX™ brand the following range of machines are offered by us.

Portable Pipe & Tube Beveling Machines

For Pipe ID 12.7mm to 915mm
11 Models available

Typical Applications
End prepping Super Duplex pipe
End prepping High Chrome tubes
Membrane and Weld Overlay removal from tube O.D.
Flat facing tube or pipe
37½° bevel tube or pipe
30° bevel tube or pipe
Peel back on stainless clad tubes
Tube sheet seal weld removal
Tube sheet strength weld removal
Tube stub removal
Compound bevel for heavy wall pipe step bevel
Counter boring
J-Bevel preparation
Boiler Panel Cutting Saws

Widest Selection of saws and accessories for

Cutting Boiler Tube (Water wall) Panel & Notching, slotting and removing Membrane (fin)
Sawing (Cutting) Pendant Tube
Working around clusters of large pipe Cutting Tanks or any straight,
Contoured or cylindrical structure with a radius of 0.750m (2½ feet) or larger
Cutting pipe form 6" to 60" O.D. using a Track for guidance + Pipe Trolley
Pipe Cutting & Beveling

Split Frame design COLD PIPE CUTTING & BEVELING MACHINES for in-situ precision cutting & Beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials
Range : For Pipe sizes form ½" to 60" OD and is designed so that minimal radial and axial ceearance is required for easy instralltion on in - line closed loop pipe.
The machines are available with Pneumatic, or hydraulic drives.
Hydraulic Machines can be used for underwater cutting applications
Using suitable accessories is possible to also
Counter Bore Axially into the pipe
Make compound & J - bevels,
To remove weld overlay
Flange facing
Beveling Pipe of any wall thickness

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