SPITZNAS                    Made in Germany

The company SPITZNAS Maschinenfabrik GmbH is manufacturer of pneumatic tools, hydraulic tool, pneumatic vane motors, hydraulic axial piston pumps, hydraulic radial piston motors and hydraulic hydrostatic compact drives. The tools can be used in explosive secured areas like underground mining or industry and have the Atex certification. The tool can also be used underwater at diving work. A large range of tools are available like saws, drills, fans, grinders, impact hammers, needle scalers and many more,

ATEX Certified Band saws  
PNEUMATIC Band saws saws  
        PNEUMATIC Band Saws
Catalog (PDF)
HYDRAULIC Band saws  
      HYDRAULIC Band Saws
Catalog (PDF)
ELECTRIC Band saws  
  ELECTRIC Band Saws
Catalog (PDF)
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