Internal Tube Cutters Made in Germany
The internal tube cutter TC-OR is designed for inside cutting of steel-/ brass- and copper heat exchanger, condenser, air cooler, boiler, etc. The tool is only to be used by a hand or a wrench. By this simple operation you need no mechanical power. The centering of the TC-OR will effected by the conical ring . The standard reach is 25-150 mm, further reaches are available on request. The tool works on a exentrical principle. Insert the tool into the tube, the cutter bit is inside the body, turn it clockwise, the cutter bit moves out and cut the tube wall by one revolution.

Our spring-loaded internal tube cutter type TC-PT is a mechanically driven tube cutter for steel,
brass and copper pipes in Heat exchangers, condensers, Chillers,
boilers etc.
It enables cutting of pipes with 12 mm to 37 mm inside diameter. It is possible to adjust the cutting depth, our standard reach is 70 mm.Other sizes or/and reaches on request.
The pipe cutter have one high speed steel cutting knife, which at the application of a correct speed long operating life of the tool assures.
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