Working Trolley for Tube Expanding Control Units Made in Germany
The working trolley in combination with our tube expanding controllers series NFAD-S and NFAB-D allow a "mobile expanding unit. The trolley consists of a high adjustable horizontal bar with a swivelling gallow for flexible expanding of tubes. the driving motor type D-532 or DSL 550 will mounted by the cardanical suspension brackets at the working trolley. The telescopic shaft is connect by a balancer with the swivelling gallow and guarants a high fl exible working for the operator.

The lockable tool box, with 2 levels, store tube expanders, measuring instruments or the printer for documentation. Further it will be possible to store the tube expanding controller with telescopic shaft and foot switch after succesful working in the tool chest.

Type of Tube Expanders available
  • Mechanical-hydraulic tube contact expanding unit type TES 97
  • Water hydraulic tube expanding equipment type WHA 4000
  • Electronic tube expanding controller type NFAB-S
  Tube expanding with Self feeding tube expanders Tube expanding with Self feeding tube expanders
  Tube expander with inclined rolls.
No cylindrical tube expansion possible.
Tube expander with "inline" rolls.
Cylindrical tube expansion possible.
Extremely important when expanding thin walled tubes.
  Only "point-contact" between mandrel and rolls
Point-contact causes higher wear of rolls
and mandrels.
"Line - contact" between mandrel and rolls. Line contact of rolls and mandrel causes less wear.
  Expanding area must end 3-5 mms before
back tube sheet face.
Creates always a gap at back side of tubetube
sheet joint (crevice !)
Due to "inline" rolls the rolls have line contact with the mandrel.
Therefore the rolls cannot"swivel". Tube expansion can be
executed completely up to the back side of tube sheet. No gap
at this point.
  Mandrel feed not controlled, self-feeding
procedure because of inclined rolls.
Mandrel feed is controlled by hydraulic mandrel feeding system.
  Kind and variing quantity of greasing creates different
slippage during
expanding process.
No slippage effect due to controlled mechanical hydraulic mandrel feeding.
  Mandrel feed rate given by geometry of the tube
-- Mandrel / Roll taper
-- Mandrel / Roll diameter ratio
-- roll inclination degree and other conditions
Mandrel feed rate controlled by speed of hydraulic mandrel
feeding system (adjustable)
Enables controllable tube deformation speed during expanding
  Material deforming speed only controlled
by speed of driving motor.
Material deforming speed controlled by effective mandrel feed
rate and motor speed
Better for the material / Less time is required
  No "ironing out"- process when reaching predetermined
tube expansion.
Time-adjustable "ironing out" process after reaching
predetermined tube expansion.
  No round expansion possible. Round expansion possible.
Extremely important when expanding thin-walled tubes.
  Requires greater wall reduction with the effect of
negative tube treatment and greater potential for ligament
movement during expansion process. Higher
risk of metal fl aking.
Requires lower wall reduction avoiding all the disadvantages of
the self-feeding tube expansion process.
  High tendency of twisting stress. Low tendency of twisting stress
  Remarkable tube lengthening because of
higher expansion rate and inclined rolls.
Lower expansion rate and "inline" rolls cause
far less tube lengthening.
    Summary of effects on metallurgy:
- Lower strain hardening rates.
- Reduced potential for stress corrosion cracking in the
transition areas.
- Grain structure change is greatly reduced.
- Effective tube expansion length to the end of tube sheet thus
avoiding crevice- and corrosion potential.
- Reduced failure potential of tube by expanding within
deformation rate of material.
- greater care of material.
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