Tubesheet Joint Tester Made in Germany
Vacuum Tube - Tube Sheet Joint Tester Type 5376 V
Tube - tube sheet joint tester type 5376 V is suitable to detect leaks between expanded tube and tube sheet joints. Specially if testing is required before fi nal pressure test, p.e. if repairing is very diffi cult after mounting, or it is impossible to determine the leaking tube joint by means of pressure test, the use of the joint tester type 5376 V is highly recommended.

The vacuum tube-tube sheet joint tester type 5376 V consists of the cylinder body, the vacuum attachment, the manifold and the seals. Seal expanding and vacuum obtaining is air activated. The different manifold and sealing sets to suit the different tube sizes and joint types are changeable very easily. So the capability to nearly all testing requirements is warranted.

Key Features of Tube Sheet Joint Tester
  • Detect leaks between expanded tube and tube sheet joints
  • Cylindrical body
  • Vacuum attachment
  • Manifold and seals
  • Perform under air pressure ranging from 3 to 8.5 bar

Technical Specifications of Tube Sheet Joint Tester
  • Air Consumption > 140 ltrs/min
  • Air Pressure 3 to 8.5 bar
Tube OD Complete unit without seal Manifold Complete O-Ring
3/8" RT-5376-6 RT-5377-6 RT-5378-6
1/2" RT-5376-8 RT-5377-8 RT-5378-8
5/8" RT-5376-10 RT-5377-10 RT-5378-10
3/4" RT-5376-12 RT-5377-12 RT-5378-12
7/8" RT-5376-14 RT-5377-14 RT-5378-14
1" RT-5376-16 RT-5377-16 RT-5378-16
1-1/4" RT-5376-20 RT-5377-20 RT-5378-20
1-1/2" RT-5376-24 RT-5377-24 RT-5378-24
1-3/4" RT-5376-28 RT-5377-28 RT-5378-28
2" RT-5376-32 RT-5377-32 RT-5378-32
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